Who do I need to contact if I have a question or problem with my sofa?

If you have any questions about your order,  please contact the retailer directly. Please do not contact Buoyant directly, as we only work with the furniture trade account holders.

How do I clean and take care of my sofa?

All of our sofas are hand made to a very high standard, however the performance of your upholstery will very much depend upon its use and maintenance. There are multiple steps you can follow to take care of your sofa. Please clcik on the 'View PDF' button below to read our Fabric Care guide for more guidance.

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How do I dress my sofa?

Cushion Maintenance is a really important routine that keeps your upholstery in a good condition. Regularly rotate cushions and turn all reversible cushions to ensure wear. Regularly plump all fiber and feather filled cushions vigorously to retain both comfort and appearance.

Why do I need to rotate my cushions?

You should regularly rotate cushions and turn all reversible cushions to ensure even wear. Regularly plump all fiber and feather filled cushions to retain both comfort and appearance.

The interiors feel different than those displayed in store? Why is this?

All foam seat interiors can lose up to 20% of their firmness within the first two weeks of use. This is quite normal and will not affect their durability or long term performance.

How do I fit the feet on my new sofa?

We have many different foot options throughout our sofa collections. Each sofa or accent piece will arrive with specific instructions relevant to the type of foot.

How do I join the units of my furniture together?

If you have one of our modular or corner group sofas you will find they need to be attached using the clipping brackets. There are 2 sets of clips on your modular units. Please see below "View PDF' button for full instructions on how to clip your units together. *Furniture is heavy and you should not attempt to lift alone*

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How do I remove travel glides?

Travel glides are present for transport purposes only. Travel glides should be removed with ease, once the sofa is ready to be used. Please have a look at our travel glide removal instructions for further information below.

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Can I order some extra fabric or pillows?

We only sell directly to trade account holders. Please contact your retailer to discuss any requirements or information regarding extra scatters or fabric requirements.

How do I assemble my Standard/Deluxe action sofa bed?

Our Sofabeds are made to open and close with ease. Please refer to our Sofabed Operations Instructions. You can also watch our Sofa Bed Video which offers a step-by-step guide.

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How do I assemble my lift and tilt chair?

Please read our lift and tilt assembly instructions for more guidance below.

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