At Buoyant, our community is important to us.

What we do for Charity

Our on-going charitable work is hugely important to us. We recognise our responsibility to contribute to local and national charitable organisations, with the aim to promote happiness and provide true support in many different worthy cases.

We pride ourselves in supporting the following charities:

Macmillan Cancer Support:

Macmillan is one of the largest British charities, providing specialist health care, important information and financial support to people affected by cancer.


Arafest runs two of its own events annually. These include a vibrant summer festival and festive Christmas ball. They’re committed on providing support to under privileged children and young people living in the area of Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire by administrating grants to charities and other helpful organisations. The chosen charities that Arafest support are Freedom Road Creative Arts, The Hull Beats Bus, Special Stars charity, Beverly Cherry Tree, The Scrap Store, The Herd Theatre as well as the Jane Tomlinson 10 kilometre run.

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Pendleside Hospice:

Pendleside hospice “exists to promote and enhance quality of life for people with life-limiting illnesses”.

Gender Pay Gap

We are an employer required by law to carry out Gender Pay Reporting under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

This involves carrying out six calculations that show the difference between the average earnings of men and women in our organisation.

Using a data source of 5th April 2020 the results are as follows:-

Difference in hourly rate

  • Women’s mean hourly rate is 8.8% lower than men’s
  • Women’s median hourly rate is 8.8% lower than men’s

Proportion of women in each pay quartile

  • Top quartile (highest paid) 24% of the top quartile are women
  • Upper middle quartile 20% of the upper middle quartile are women
  • Lower middle quartile 35% of the lower middle quartile are women
  • Lower quartile (lowest paid) 29%

Who received bonus pay

  • 1.28% of women
  • 2.13% of men

Difference in bonus pay

  • Women’s mean bonus pay is 70.2% lower than men’s
  • Women’s median bonus pay is 46.4% lower than men’s

Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement

Buoyant Upholstery Ltd supports the objectives of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 of eliminating slavery and human trafficking to operate in an ethical manner.

This statement is therefore made by Helium Sofa Group Ltd and subsidiary Buoyant Upholstery Ltd that are required to make such a statement in Accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

We recognise our responsibility and we are committed to respecting and protecting the human rights of all those who work within our operations including but not limited to employees to all levels, directors, officers, agency workers, agents, contractors, suppliers and customers.

We are devoted to running our business responsible and maintain high ethical principles, to support transparency and honesty, to work with others to protect the rights of workers, particularly those who are most vulnerable to abuses such as modern slavery. Buoyant Upholstery Ltd has a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking in our operations and supply chain.

Buoyant Upholstery Ltd was founded in 1909 originally located in Sandiacre, near Nottingham and moved in Nelson, Lancashire in 1973.

We are one of largest manufacturers in the UK. We design, manufacturer and deliver an extensive range of upholstery furniture to our retail and independent customers. All our products are handmade to order at our plant in Nelson.

Buoyant Upholstery Ltd undergo regular independent audits at our sites, in-line with the Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code.

The process of review and implementing our policies and procedures is a continual one and we will maintain this approach to ensure that these policies remain compliant with all UK Legislation. In order to our operations we implemented a code of conduct policy document available on Buoyant Upholstery website.

We understand that the potential for modern Slavery will need on-going assessment and actions to mitigate risk. As such, our approach is based on continually reviewing the effectiveness of our policies, exercising due diligence when engaging with new suppliers, carrying out performance reviews, and taking seriously any issues or complaint by undertaking appropriate investigations and remedial action.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54 (1) and has been approved by the Board of Directors. This document constitutes as our Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement for the financial year ending September 2020.

Glen Ainsworth - Development Director

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