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Incredible comfort and a stunning design

Valetta Specification

  • Available with or without studs
  • Hardwood and composite board frame.
  • Dowelled, screwed, glued and stapled joinery.
  • Light and anique wood foot options.
  • Fibre filled backs for added comfort.
  • Feather filled scatters included. 
  • Award winning foamflex seat interior with 5 year guarantee. 
  • Serpentine seat springs and silent wire. 
  • Elasticated back webbing.
  • Full leather / No splits

Corner Group - LH1/COR/RH2

92h x 289w x 223d

Corner Group - LH2/COR/RH1

92h x 289w x 223d

Corner Group - LH2/COR/RH2

92h x 289w x 289d

Corner Group - LH1/COR/RH1

92h x 223w x 223d

4 Seater Modular Sofa

33h x 97w x 97d

3 Seater Sofa

92h x 219w x 104d

2 Seater Sofa

92h x 200w x 104d

120cm Sofa Bed

99h x 202w x 104d

Love Chair

92h x 158w x 104d

Arm Chair

92h x 128w x 104d

Armless Unit

92h x 70w x 104d

Valetta Leather Footstool

33h x 97w x 97d

Scatter/Pillow Fabrics

Scatter/Pillow: Aaron Mink (Band D)Aaron Mink (Band D)
Scatter/Pillow: Aaron Nickel (Band D)Aaron Nickel (Band D)
Scatter/Pillow: Aaron Oyster (Band D)Aaron Oyster (Band D)
Scatter/Pillow: Aaron Silver (Band D)Aaron Silver (Band D)
Scatter/Pillow: Aaron Truffle (Band D)Aaron Truffle (Band D)
Scatter/Pillow: Beehive Pastel (Band Deluxe)Beehive Pastel (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Coco Plain Coal (Band C)Coco Plain Coal (Band C)
Scatter/Pillow: Coco Plain Mink (Band C)Coco Plain Mink (Band C)
Scatter/Pillow: Coco Plain Pearl (Band C)Coco Plain Pearl (Band C)
Scatter/Pillow: Coco Plain Truffle (Band C)Coco Plain Truffle (Band C)
Scatter/Pillow: Coco Swirl Beige (Band Superior) Coco Swirl Beige (Band Superior)
Scatter/Pillow: Coco Swirl Gold (Band Superior)Coco Swirl Gold (Band Superior)
Scatter/Pillow: Coco Velvet Gold (Band Deluxe)Coco Velvet Gold (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Coco Velvet Iron (Band Deluxe)Coco Velvet Iron (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Coco Velvet Pearl (Band Deluxe)Coco Velvet Pearl (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Coco Velvet Platinum (Band Deluxe)Coco Velvet Platinum (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Crinkle Black Gold (Band Deluxe)Crinkle Black Gold (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Crinkle Cream Gold (Band Deluxe)Crinkle Cream Gold (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Crinkle Pearl/Grey (Band Deluxe)Crinkle Pearl/Grey (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Crinkle Silver (Band Deluxe)Crinkle Silver (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Denny Pebble (Band Superior)Denny Pebble (Band Superior)
Scatter/Pillow: Denny Steel (Band Superior)Denny Steel (Band Superior)
Scatter/Pillow: Destiny Gold (Band Superior)Destiny Gold (Band Superior)
Scatter/Pillow: Destiny Silver (Band Superior)Destiny Silver (Band Superior)
Scatter/Pillow: Duchess Gold (Band Pattern)Duchess Gold (Band Pattern)
Scatter/Pillow: Duchess Pearl (Band Pattern)Duchess Pearl (Band Pattern)
Scatter/Pillow: Duchess Pebble (Band Pattern)Duchess Pebble (Band Pattern)
Scatter/Pillow: Duchess Steel (Band Pattern)Duchess Steel (Band Pattern)
Scatter/Pillow: Glitter Bronze (Band Pattern)Glitter Bronze (Band Pattern)
Scatter/Pillow: Glitter Silver (Band Pattern)Glitter Silver (Band Pattern)
Scatter/Pillow: Pucker Bronze (Band Pattern) Pucker Bronze (Band Pattern)
Scatter/Pillow: Pucker Navy (Band Pattern)Pucker Navy (Band Pattern)
Scatter/Pillow: Pucker Silver (Band Pattern)Pucker Silver (Band Pattern)
Scatter/Pillow: Pucker Teal (Band Pattern)Pucker Teal (Band Pattern)
Scatter/Pillow: Tessere Gold (Band Deluxe) Tessere Gold (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Tessere Pebble (Band Deluxe) Tessere Pebble (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Valencia Spot Cream (Band Deluxe)Valencia Spot Cream (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Valencia Spot Natural (Band Deluxe)Valencia Spot Natural (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Valencia Zig Zag Cream (Band Deluxe)Valencia Zig Zag Cream (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Valencia Zig Zag Natural (Band Deluxe)Valencia Zig Zag Natural (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Whimsical Bronze (Band Pattern)Whimsical Bronze (Band Pattern)
Scatter/Pillow: Whimsical Saffron (Band Pattern)Whimsical Saffron (Band Pattern)
Scatter/Pillow: Whimsical Steel (Band Pattern)Whimsical Steel (Band Pattern)

Outer Fabrics

Outer: Demetra Tan Leather (Band Demetra)Demetra Tan Leather (Band Demetra)
Outer: Milan Chestnut (Band Milan)Milan Chestnut (Band Milan)
Outer: Milan Grey (Band Milan)Milan Grey (Band Milan)
Outer: Outback Charcoal Leather (Band Outback)Outback Charcoal Leather (Band Outback)
Outer: Outback Chocolate Leather (Band Outback)Outback Chocolate Leather (Band Outback)
Outer: Pellier Beige (Band D) Pellier Beige (Band D)
Outer: Pellier Bronze (Band D) Pellier Bronze (Band D)
Outer: Pellier Charcoal (Band D)Pellier Charcoal (Band D)
Outer: Pellier Navy (Band D) Pellier Navy (Band D)
Outer: Pellier Ocean (Band D) Pellier Ocean (Band D)
Outer: Pellier Smoke (Band D) Pellier Smoke (Band D)
Outer: Pellier Taupe (Band D) Pellier Taupe (Band D)
Outer: Sublime Armour (Band D)Sublime Armour (Band D)
Outer: Sublime Asphalt (Band D)Sublime Asphalt (Band D)
Outer: Sublime Clay (Band D)Sublime Clay (Band D)
Outer: Sublime Pearl (Band D)Sublime Pearl (Band D)

Foot Options

Foot Options: AntiqueAntique
Foot Options: Light (Beech)Light (Beech)
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