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Comfort at the touch of a button

  • Dowelled, screwed, glued and stapled joinery
  • Hardwood and composite board frame
  • Traditional styling and detailing
  • Dual motor recliner mechanism
  • Remote control with battery
  • Back up and reset button

Lift and Tilt Petite Chair

105h x 80w x 105d

Lift and Tilt Standard Chair

109h x 83w x 106d

Outer Fabrics

Outer: Aero Charcoal (Band A)Aero Charcoal (Band A)
Outer: Aero Fawn (Band A)Aero Fawn (Band A)
Outer: Aero Mink (Band A)Aero Mink (Band A)
Outer: Aero Praline (Band A)Aero Praline (Band A)
Outer: Aero Silver (Band A)Aero Silver (Band A)
Outer: Ashton Chocolate (Band B)Ashton Chocolate (Band B)
Outer: Ashton Graphite (Band B)Ashton Graphite (Band B)
Outer: Ashton Mustard (Band B)Ashton Mustard (Band B)
Outer: Ashton Natural (Band B)Ashton Natural (Band B)
Outer: Ashton Steel (Band B)Ashton Steel (Band B)
Outer: Cooper Coffee (Band B)Cooper Coffee (Band B)
Outer: Cooper Graphite (Band B)Cooper Graphite (Band B)
Outer: Cooper Natural (Band B)Cooper Natural (Band B)
Outer: Cooper Silver (Band B)Cooper Silver (Band B)
Outer: Cove Charcoal (Band D)Cove Charcoal (Band D)
Outer: Cove Hazel (Band D)Cove Hazel (Band D)
Outer: Cove Natural (Band D)Cove Natural (Band D)
Outer: Cove Silver (Band D)Cove Silver (Band D)
Outer: Lassie Charcoal (Band B)Lassie Charcoal (Band B)
Outer: Lassie Cream (Band B)Lassie Cream (Band B)
Outer: Lassie Duckegg (Band B)Lassie Duckegg (Band B)
Outer: Lassie Linen (Band B)Lassie Linen (Band B)
Outer: Lassie Mocha (Band B)Lassie Mocha (Band B)
Outer: Lassie Navy (Band B)Lassie Navy (Band B)
Outer: Lassie Petrol (Band B)Lassie Petrol (Band B)
Outer: Lassie Silver (Band B)Lassie Silver (Band B)
Outer: Lassie Toffee (Band B)Lassie Toffee (Band B)
Outer: Lucian Beige (Band C)Lucian Beige (Band C)
Outer: Lucian Graphite (Band C)Lucian Graphite (Band C)
Outer: Lucian Mocha (Band C)Lucian Mocha (Band C)
Outer: Lucian Silver (Band C)Lucian Silver (Band C)
Outer: Milo Blush (Band D)Milo Blush (Band D)
Outer: Milo Cream (Band D)Milo Cream (Band D)
Outer: Milo Linen (Band D) Milo Linen (Band D)
Outer: Milo Navy (Band D)Milo Navy (Band D)
Outer: Milo Pewter (Band D)Milo Pewter (Band D)
Outer: Milo Silver (Band D)Milo Silver (Band D)
Outer: Milo Slate (Band D)Milo Slate (Band D)
Outer: Rich Beige (Band A)Rich Beige (Band A)
Outer: Rich Charcoal (Band A)Rich Charcoal (Band A)
Outer: Rich Mink (Band A)Rich Mink (Band A)
Outer: Rich Navy (Band A)Rich Navy (Band A)
Outer: Rich Stone (Band A)Rich Stone (Band A)
Outer: Titus Bronze (Band D)Titus Bronze (Band D)
Outer: Titus Charcoal (Band D)Titus Charcoal (Band D)
Outer: Titus Natural (Band D)Titus Natural (Band D)
Outer: Titus Navy (Band D)Titus Navy (Band D)
Outer: Titus Olive (Band D)Titus Olive (Band D)
Outer: Titus Teal (Band D)Titus Teal (Band D)
Outer: Titus Truffle (Band D)Titus Truffle (Band D)
Outer: Villa Grey (Band D)Villa Grey (Band D)
Outer: Villa Latte (Band D)Villa Latte (Band D)
Outer: Villa Linen (Band D)Villa Linen (Band D)
Outer: Villa Mocha (Band D)Villa Mocha (Band D)
Outer: Villa Moss (Band D)Villa Moss (Band D)
Outer: Villa Navy (Band D)Villa Navy (Band D)
Outer: Villa Silver (Band D)Villa Silver (Band D)
Outer: Villa Teal (Band D)Villa Teal (Band D)

Please note that colour shadings can vary slightly from each roll of fabric. We cannot guarantee a precise match to these samples or between cut lengths and upholstered goods

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