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A collection with sleek lines and sweeping curves

Arc Specification

  • Reversible fibre filled backs for added comfort.
  • Reversible fibre filled seat cushions for support and comfort
  • Feather filled scatter cushions included
  • Choice of solid wood feet*
  • Dowelled, screwed, glued and stapled joinery

Curved Corner Group - LC2/CCO/RC2

84h x 275w x 275d

4 Seater Modular Sofa - LC2/RC2

84h x 322w x 134d

3 Seater Sofa

84h x 195w x 108d

2 Seater Sofa

84h x 175w x 108d

Love Chair

84h x 130w x 108d

Arm Chair

84h x 96w x 108d

Arc Footstool

33h x 97w x 97d

Armless Unit

84h x 100w x 102d

Bliss Lounger

99h x 69w x 171d

Scatter/Pillow Fabrics

Scatter/Pillow: Aaron Nickel (Band D)Aaron Nickel (Band D)
Scatter/Pillow: Aaron Oyster (Band D)Aaron Oyster (Band D)
Scatter/Pillow: Aaron Silver (Band D)Aaron Silver (Band D)
Scatter/Pillow: Aaron Truffle (Band D)Aaron Truffle (Band D)
Scatter/Pillow: Coco Plain Coal (Band C)Coco Plain Coal (Band C)
Scatter/Pillow: Coco Plain Pearl (Band C)Coco Plain Pearl (Band C)
Scatter/Pillow: Coco Plain Truffle (Band C)Coco Plain Truffle (Band C)
Scatter/Pillow: Crinkle Black Gold (Band Deluxe)Crinkle Black Gold (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Crinkle Cream Gold (Band Deluxe)Crinkle Cream Gold (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Crinkle Silver (Band Deluxe)Crinkle Silver (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Festival Blush (Band Plain)Festival Blush (Band Plain)
Scatter/Pillow: Festival Grey (Band Plain)Festival Grey (Band Plain)
Scatter/Pillow: Festival Mink (Band Plain)Festival Mink (Band Plain)
Scatter/Pillow: Glasto Charcoal (Band Deluxe)Glasto Charcoal (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Glasto Pastel (Band Deluxe)Glasto Pastel (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Khaleesi Dusk (Band Pattern)Khaleesi Dusk (Band Pattern)
Scatter/Pillow: Khaleesi Natural (Band Pattern)Khaleesi Natural (Band Pattern)
Scatter/Pillow: Paddington Charcoal (Band Pattern)Paddington Charcoal (Band Pattern)
Scatter/Pillow: Paddington Natural (Band Pattern)Paddington Natural (Band Pattern)
Scatter/Pillow: Paddington Silver (Band Pattern)Paddington Silver (Band Pattern)
Scatter/Pillow: Rustico Black (Band Deluxe) Rustico Black (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Rustico Charcoal (Band Deluxe) Rustico Charcoal (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Rustico Mink (Band Deluxe) Rustico Mink (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Tessere Gold (Band Deluxe) Tessere Gold (Band Deluxe)
Scatter/Pillow: Tessere Pebble (Band Deluxe) Tessere Pebble (Band Deluxe)

Outer Fabrics

Outer: Aaron Nickel (Band D)Aaron Nickel (Band D)
Outer: Aaron Oyster (Band D)Aaron Oyster (Band D)
Outer: Aaron Silver (Band D)Aaron Silver (Band D)
Outer: Aaron Truffle (Band D)Aaron Truffle (Band D)
Outer: Coco plain Coal (Band C)Coco plain Coal (Band C)
Outer: Coco plain Pearl (Band C)Coco plain Pearl (Band C)
Outer: Coco plain Truffle (Band C)Coco plain Truffle (Band C)

Foot Options

Foot Options: Dark (Brown)Dark (Brown)
Foot Options: Light (Beech)Light (Beech)
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